UP UR SLEEVE was officially formed in April of 2000 by Jake Sailing, current owner of Red Stop Productions LLC. At the time he was working at a local retail store and saw firsthand the importance of t-shirts in the retail world. T-shirts are a great way for companies to spread their name for a reasonably fair price to the customer. It was apparent that there was a definite demand in producing and selling t-shirts in the retail world. This is what prompted Jake to learn the process of screen printing. He recognized that if he was able to produce his own style t-shirts, it would be a great way to help other small businesses, as well as create greater profit margins on a key selling items for the shop. Jake quickly took a class and educated himself on the process, and business of screen printing. With the purchase of a small screen printing press and dryer, and a new business name, Up Ur Sleeve T-shirts was born.

We continued to grow over the years, constantly trying to focus on high quality screen printing. Because we were still considered a very small screen printing shop, it allowed us to work with smaller artists that were looking for a more specialized screen printing experience. We strive to bring you the best in quality and service.

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